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Studious is a collection of articles and interviews conducted by students around the nation, focused on innovating intelligent approaches to educational growth, health empowerment, and life well-being. Studious facilitates discussion between academics and their students, who then share these lessons and experiences to a broader online populace; it is an outlet for creative thinkers to showcase the outstanding works of their academic community leaders by the vehicle of their written word, broadcasted to the world. Studious' three core tenets school, health, and life dictate the direction of our core mission: to enlighten driven students into reflective and well-informed individuals by prompting discussion with the world's brilliant minds.


Hacking education, empowering healthy decisions, and living smarter by sharing the research and experiences of the world's brilliant minds.

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How to Make the Grade in School, Health, and Life

Three Tenets

School (the book) ~ Health (the heart) ~ Life (the tree)

SCHOOL. Why does it matter? Let’s rephrase that question—Why does education matter? Education allows you to learn about the world, and pursue passions that drive you forward. Getting an education also challenges your mind to expand and tackle problems in novel ways in the pursuit of your goals.

However, one can receive an education in different ways.  Whether it’s the traditional classroom, an international adventure, or a foray into tutorials on YouTube, we can learn anytime and anywhere: a powerful reminder that education is versatile and malleable. How can we maximize this potential?

Because the mind and the body work together, our HEALTH is important as well. It’s a gift, but it’s one that requires daily effort to upkeep. Sound irritating? It doesn’t have to be. The myriad influences telling people what to eat, how to exercise, what to avoid, and how to be healthy are often discouraging; yet, there remain core ideas that carry real authority.

If exercising and “dieting” guaranteed health, the world would be a lean, perfectly toned planet; but this topic is more complicated. Proper resources, dedication, and know-how play key roles in the vital decisions that develop your health. How can we guide communities in making these choices?

Education and health are solid foundations, but these two domains are just a couple aspects of LIFE. Ah, yes—the uncertainty of its future, the responsibilities of its maturity, and the exhilaration of owning it. You can choose to make yours as normal, or as compelling, as you like.

So, where’s the long list of rules we can memorize to win at life? Unfortunately, there’s no official publication, but STUDIOUS makes it a goal to compile tidbits of knowledge about life, principles of health, and pieces of wisdom about school that may just help you make the grade in all three.




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