Don't Let Time Waste You

A project deadline is fast approaching. You procrastinate, start late, and produce a less-than-ideal piece of work. You blame it on other obligations and wish you just had more time in the day.

Everybody experiences this scenario at some point in their life. Daily activities and responsibilities can be overwhelming. Some of them slip through the cracks. 

Fear not, there are ways to save time, make time, and organize time to prioritize what is important in life (whatever it may be).


1.) Saving Time

Remember and take note of what you do between waking up in the morning and going to sleep at night. Analyze your activities; How do you spend your time?

Do you keep hitting the snooze button on your alarm? Lay in bed browsing on your phone? Spend any time on social media? You might overhear statistics claiming that the average person spends numerous hours a day on social media, but have you actually recorded how much time you spend? It may surprise you. If phone and computer use is eating up a lot of your time, you now know exactly where you can save time!

Form a good habit by cutting back on social media usage by 15 minutes each day for a week, and fill that time with a side project that excites you, whether it is writing a song, learning a new skill, or mastering a new dish to cook for dinner.


2.) Making Time

Time is "created" when you have less things to do. If you complete tasks faster, or allocate tasks to other people, you essentially create time for yourself. For example, instead of looking up more cute animal videos for an extended 30 minute study break, walk and stretch for just 5 minutes to clear your mind. If you need help with a task and it does not rely on your work alone, reach out to others. Outsourcing the time and talents of friends, family, or professionals is one of the fastest ways to create more time for yourself. For example, if you need assistance with school, job searches, errands, or even house cleaning, think about how you can minimize the time you spend on these tasks. Reach out for help to make more time for yourself.


Organizing Time

3.) Following these tips can be difficult sometimes, but remember what motivates you, and have courage in surmounting all the little obstacles necessary to reach your goal. It helps to set a small goal for each day. Figure out one thing that will make you feel accomplished every day, and make sure you complete that objective before you go to sleep. Organize your time around this goal and be persistent. To help you construct your day, there are a bevy of free mobile applications focused on task management and scheduling. Pick a simple one that you can stick with to organize your time.


Saving time, making time, and organizing your time will afford you more opportunities to have fun and enjoy life by sidestepping the inconveniences and minimizing wastefulness.

Cover Photo by Eugene Shelestov via Pexels, Creative Commons Zero License