Born in Japan in 1882, the martial art and sport of judo is a profound synthesis of culture, biomechanics, and nutrition, yet the interplay of these elements has not been explored. Judo has also become an international sensation with particularly strong roots in California; consequently, its founding principles have undergone transformations with important implications for anyone wishing to make healthy lifestyle choices.

IPPON is a three-part documentary series on the culture, science, and nutrition of judo and its practitioners. Part one will investigate judo’s cultural origins in an effort to disentangle significant historical and sociopolitical influences. Part two will analyze judo’s visceral applications of human physiology and mechanics. Part three will examine the nutritional and wellness philosophies of judo in order to share these fundamentals with a wider active audience.This documentary will share these values and promote wholesome lifestyle principles.

Beyond judo itself, its defining elements can elucidate the relationships amongst mind, body, and culture.