Kodokan Judo was founded by Kano Jigoro Shihan, who as a youth began practicing Jujutsu* as a way to strengthen his frail body. He transformed the traditional Jujutsu principle of "defeating strength through flexibility" into a new principle of "maximum efficient use of physical and mental energy," creating a new branch of martial art. 

He named the training institution "Kodokan." The word "Kodo" means to learn, prove and practice the principle. The fact that Professor Kano named Judo "Kodokan Judo" shows us how he made much of the principle and made it a principal objective of life to learn.

I visited the Kodokan and talked with Naoki Murata-sensei, professor and curator of the Kodokan Library and Museum. We discussed the rich history of the Kodokan, why judo has become an international sensation, and how the traditions of Professor Kano's vision are kept alive today.

Information source via kodokanjudoinstitute.org.